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Key English Chinese (zh-rTW)
app_name OPG Pro
optimize Max Optimize
application App
switchstr Switch
settings Settings
status_label Status:
advanced Advanced
battery_status_label Status:
battery_power_label Plug:
battery_level_label Level:
battery_health_label Health:
battery_technology_label Technology:
battery_voltage_label Voltage:
battery_voltage_units mV
battery_temperature_label Temperature:
battery_temperature_units \u00B0 C
battery_status_charging Charging
battery_status_charging_ac (AC)
battery_status_charging_usb (USB)
battery_status_discharging Discharging
battery_status_not_charging Not Charging
battery_status_full Full
battery_status_unknown Unknown
battery_power_unplugged Unplugged
battery_power_ac AC
battery_power_usb USB
battery_power_ac_usb AC+USB
battery_power_unknown Unknown
battery_health_unknown Unknown
battery_health_good Good
battery_health_overheat Battery Overheating
battery_health_dead Dead
battery_health_over_voltage Over Voltage
battery_health_unspecified_failure Failure!
turn_on Turn On
game Game:
standby Standby:
internet Internet:
read_book Read Book:
cpu_label CPU:
battery_stats_on_battery %son battery
battery_stats_duration %s Since Unplugged
battery_stats_charging_label Charging
battery_stats_screen_on_label Screen On
battery_stats_gps_on_label GPS On
battery_stats_wifi_running_label Wi-Fi
battery_stats_wake_lock_label Awake
battery_stats_phone_signal_label Phone Signal
turn_off Turn Off
battery_stats_last_duration While Last Unplugged for %s
root_fails Need Root Access!
process_kernel_label Android OS
process_mediaserver_label Media Server
power_screen Display
power_wifi WiFi
power_bluetooth Bluetooth
power_cell Cell Standby
power_phone Voice Calls
power_idle Phone Idle
about About
all_rights All Rights Reserved
copy_right Copyright © 2015
check_update Check for Updates
share Share
feedback Feedback:
loading Loading...
common Common
temperature Temperature
voltage Voltage
cpu CPU
help Help
update Update
version Version
ai_battery AI Battery:
battery_mode Battery Mode:
on On
off Off
cpu_load CPU Load
minute Minute
minute1 1 Minute
minute5 5 Minutes
minute15 15 Minutes
cpu_utilization CPU Utilization
normal Normal
percentuser 65% - 70%
percentsystem 30% - 35%
percentidle 0% - 5%
bluetooth_active Bluetooth Active:
bluetooth_on Bluetooth On:
wifi_active WiFi Active:
wifi_on WiFi On:
radio_active Radio Active:
wifi_scan WiFi Scan:
radio_scan Radio Scan:
screen_on Screen On:
video Video
audio Audio
gps_on GPS On:
cpu_active CPU Active:
cpu_awake CPU Awake:
cpu_idle CPU Idle:
radio_on Radio On:
available Available:
total Total:
mode Mode
mode_label Mode:
history History
highest Highest:
lowest Lowest:
call_time Call Time
book_time Book Time
game_time Game Time
music_time Music Time
network_time Network Time
video_time Video Time
standby_time Standby Time
camera_time Camera Time
wifi_time WiFi Time
phone_type_label Type:
wipe_battery_status Wipe Battery Stats
wipe_dalvik_cache Wipe Dalvik Cache
quick_mode Quick Mode
wifi WiFi
gps GPS
wireless 2G/3G/4G
auto_sync Auto Sync
bluetooth Bluetooth
flashlight Flashlight
airplane Airplane
mobile_data Mobile Data
ring_mode Ringer
brightness Brightness
mode_settings Mode Settings
customize_settings Customize Settings
quick_settings Quick Settings
wipe Wipe
log Log
precent0 0%
policy_label Optimization Policy:
bluetooth_time Bluetooth Time
cell_time 3G/4G Time
running_service Running Service
not_running Not Running
running Running
menu_stats_total Usage Totals
menu_stats_unplugged %s Since Unplugged
refresh Refresh
top_power_applications Top Power Apps
custom_mode Custom Mode
game_video_mode Game/Video Mode
daily_mode Daily Mode
standby_mode Standby Mode
ai_mode AI Mode
powersave_mode Powersave Mode
system System
ok OK
cancel Cancel
make_sure_to_wipe_battery_status Make Sure To Wipe Battery Stats
make_sure_to_wipe_dalvik_cache Make Sure To Wipe Dalvik Cache
volume Volume Control
wifi_hotspot WiFi Hotspot
hidden_settings Hidden Settings
visible_settings Visible Settings
status_unknown Status Unknown
optimizing_filesystem Optimizing System...
optimizing_io Optimizing I/O...
optimizing_vm Optimizing VM...
init Initializing...
zero 0
status Status
ram_label RAM:
safe_clean Safe Clean
total_power Total Power
since_charged Since Charged
get_battery_list_error Get Battery List Error
powersave_settings Powersave Settings
customize Customize
mobile_radio Mobile Radio
auto_rotate Auto Rotate
master_volume Master Volume
the_current_mode Current Mode:
compare Compare:
zerouah 0(uah)
the_average_power_consumption Average Power Consumption
volume_descr Tap to Control Volume
volume_ringer Ringer Volume
volume_notification Notification Volume
volume_media Media Volume
volume_alarm Alarm Volume
volume_voice_call In-Call Volume
volume_system System Volume
volume_bind Use Ringer Volume For Notifications
optimization_options Optimization Options
show_phone_information Show Device Information
show_the_cpu_frequency_chart Show CPU Frequency Chart
show_cpu_load_chart Show CPU Load Chart
show_temperature_chart Show Temperature Chart
show_voltage_chart Show Voltage Chart
show_the_average_power Show Average Power
mode_options Mode Options
app_tips App Tips
days d
hours h
minutes m
seconds s
freememory Optimize Memory
save Save
restore_default Default
ringer_silent Silent
ringer_sound Sound Only
ringer_vibro Vibration Only
ringer_vibrosound Sound & Vibration
optimize_io Optimize I/O (Input/Output)
optimize_system Optimize System
app App
hardware Hardware
monitor_power_usage_settings Monitor Power Usage Settings
need_to_re_open_the_power_monitor Please Re-open the Power Monitor
screen_timeout Screen Timeout
screen_timeout_value_seconds %d Seconds
screen_timeout_value_minute %d Minute
screen_timeout_value_minutes %d Minutes
screen_timeout_value_never Never Timeout
notification Notification
show_battery_percentage_in_the_status_bar Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar
the_floating_window The Floating Window
show_a_floatation_window_on_the_desktop Show Floating Window on Desktop
ringtone_tips Ringtone Tips
ringtone_tips_when_the_status_change Ringtone Tips when Status Changes
all All
turned_off Turned OFF
turned_on Turned ON
disabled Disabled
enabled Enabled
sdcard_storage SDCard Storage
phone_data_storage Phone Data Storage
ram_memory The Percentage of RAM free
this_is_the_default_setting Default Settings
changing_mode Changing Mode...
checking_for_update Checking for Update...
check_for_updates_fails Update Failed: Check Network Status!
your_current_version_is_the_newest You are Running the Most Current Version!
downloading_the_upgrade_package Downloading Upgrade Package, Please Wait...
battery_calibration Battery Calibration
battery_calibration_info Step 1. Connect your device to its charger
Step2.Wait until it charges to 100%
Step 3. Click \'BatteryCalibration\'
Step 4. Unplug your device
sunday Sunday
monday Monday
tuesday Tuesday
wednesday Wednesday
thursday Thursday
friday Friday
saturday Saturday
wait_till_100_shown Wait until 100% is Displayed
current_charge Current Charge:
calibration_succeeded Calibration Successful! You may Unplug your devicenow!
calibrafion_failed Calibration Failed! Your device MUST be Rooted!
master_volume_desc R: %1$d, N: %2$d, M: %3$d, A: %4$d
turn_on_ai_battery Turn ON
turn_off_ai_battery Turn OFF
battery_temperature_overheat_alert Battery Over-Heating Alert!!!
rild Android Radio Service
akmd Android G-Sensor
dhcpcd Android DHCP Service
plugin_your_phone_to_the_charger Please Connect your device to the Charger!
close Close
please_unplug_your_phone Please disconnect your device from the Charger!
performance Performance
interactive Interactive
conservative Conservative
ondemand Ondemand
powersave Powersave
userspace Userspace
keystore Android KeyStore Service
optimizing_cpu Optimizing CPU...
update_version Update Version
current_version Current Version:
latest_version Latest Version:
mah mA
uah μA
memory_is_currently_in_a_great_state Memory is currently in a Good State.
memory_has_been_released Memory has been Released %1$s, Release %2$s
important_tips Important Tips
optimization_tips Optimization Tips
optimization_suggestions Optimization Suggestions
consume Power:
power_consumption_information Power Consumption Information
statistics Statistics
hardware_usage Hardware Usage
usage_type_on_time Time ON
battery_sugg_display Reduce the Screen Brightness and/or Screen Timeout
battery_sugg_wifi Turn OFF WiFi when Not Using it or where it is NotAvailable
battery_sugg_bluetooth_basic Turn OFF Bluetooth when you are not using it
wakeup_time Wakeup Time
battery_sugg_radio 1. Turn OFF mobile data when you are not usingit
2. Switch to Airplane mode to save power in areas with no cellcoverage
total_power_consumption Total Power Consumption:
optimizing_internet Optimizing Internet...
optimizing_kernel Optimizing Kernel...
optimizing_wifi Optimizing WiFi...
optimizing_sdcard Optimizing SDCard...
the_charger_status_changes The Charging Status Changed
power_full Power Full
important_optimization_information Important Optimization Info
we_improve_the_power_for_you Power Consumption Improved from %1$s to %2$s
no_optimization_information No Optimization Information Available
no_app_information No Proactive Defence Information Available
you_can_uninstall_the_application When a Third-party applications PowerConsumptionreaches a certain percentage, You should uninstall thatapplication
the_third_party_applications The Third-party Application
can_not_uninstall Cannot Un-Install
can_not_run_this_app Cannot Run this App
turn_off_idle 1. Turn OFF Background Data
2. Turn OFFAutomaticSynchronization
3. Turn OFF GPS
4. Turn OFF WiFi
5. TurnOFF WiFiHot Spot
6. Turn OFF Bluetooth
no_suggestions No Suggestions
version_update Version Update
sizestr Size:
later Later
betide Betide:
auto_brightness Auto Brightness
usb USB
protecting_your_battery Protecting your Battery...
dbusdaemon Android Message Daemon
bootanimation Boot Animation
floating_window_animation The Floating Window Animation
the_desktop_floating_window_animation The Desktop Floating Window Animation
slide_left Slide (Left)
slide_right Slide (Right)
slide_top Slide (Top)
fade_center Fade
nothing Nothing
hidden Hidden
protecting_your_battery_time Protecting Battery Resources:
settings_options Settings Options
brightness_title Reduce Screen Brightness
brightness_descr Set the brightness of the screen to the lowestvalue you find comfortable:

1. Open the Applications Tab andtapSettings. Then tap Sound &Display.
2. Tap Brightness, and setthevalue to the desired level.
test Test
enter_search_key Enter Search Key
a_key_improve A Key Improve
scanning Scanning...
remind Reminder
usage_type_cpu CPU Total
usage_type_cpu_foreground CPU Foreground
status_awake_time Wakeup Time
get_battery_data_error Get Battery Data Error
scale Scale
always_top Always on Top
floating_on_the_desktop Floating on the Desktop
detecting_power_consumption_app Detecting Power Consumption Apps, Please Wait...
real_time_protection_is_turned_on Real-time Protection is ON
real_time_protection_is_turned_off Real-time Protection is OFF
the_floatation_window_infomation The Floating Window Information
show_infomation_in_the_floatation_window Show Information in the Floating Window
internet_speed Internet Speed
battery_level Battery Level
quick_scan Quick Scan
consumption_apps Consumption Apps
used Used:
invalid_optimization_after_restart Power Optimization is invalid after reboot
wifi_tips WiFi Tips
wifi_tips_when_the_status_changes WiFi Tips after Status Changes
change_brightness Change Brightness
download Download
upload Upload
list_is_empty List is Empty
clear_customize Clear Customizations
setting_customize Setting Customizations
customization_is_turned_on Customizations are ON
charge_protection Charge Protection Time:
uncharge_protection Un-Charge Protection Time:
optimization_is_complete Optimizations are Complete
your_phone_is_good Your Device is Good
improve_battery_desc Improved Battery, from %1$s to %2$s
is_a_non_power_consumption_application is Not a Battery Drain App
is_a_power_consumption_application Is a Battery Drain App!
close_the_usb_debug Closing USB debugging will reduce your System WakeUps
please_enter_the_feedback_content Please enter your Feedback/Comments
email Email:
qq QQ:
msg_feedback Your Feedback/Comments have been Successfully Sent,Thank You!
failure_feedback_msg Submission Failure: Please check your NetworkStatus and try again.
install_time Install Time:
uninstalled Uninstalled
application_has_been_uninstalled This Application has been Uninstalled
feedbacking Sending Feedback/Comments...
email_format_is_not_correct Your E-mail Format is Incorrect
connection_timed_out Connection Timed-out
one_battery_desc OPG Pro is a unique battery enhancementtooldesigned to conserve your battery power and increase uptime onrootedAndroid smartphones/tablets. OPG Pro will decrease yourchargingtime and increase your device performance while alsoincreasing youruptime. OPG Pro will also protect your devicefrom faultyapplications that can: cause over-heating (decreasing yourbatterylifespan); run down your battery; prevent your device fromdeep-sleeping; and, use unneeded resources such as WiFi and Cell Data.By selecting any one of the six customized power-saving modes, you areable to match your power savings needs to your lifestyle.There is noneed to purchase extra batterys or a larger battery, just useOPG Pro.
one_battery_features Features
1. Extends stand-by time and batterylife; optimizes charging parameters
2. Optimizes system kernel andCPU usage to improve device performance
3. Six (6) customizedpower-savingmodes to suitdifferent scenarios
4. Proactively guardsfrompower-killer apps andsafely shuts down useless power-consumingprograms
5. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization
6.Intelligently switches to/from WiFi/Cell data to preserve batterylife
7. Professional Tips on power optimization
ai_mode_desc <b>AI Mode</b>: Artificial Intelligence Mode. Learns from how you use yourdevice.

By default, this mode uses the<b>Ondemand</b> governor - under increasing system load, the CPU is immediately set tothe maximum frequency of the kernel. As system load decreases, the CPUfrequency slowly decreases to the minimum frequency of the kernel.

Bydefault, AI Mode uses the<b>SIO or CFQ</b> I/O scheduler.
powersave_mode_desc <b>Powersave Mode</b>: A balance between device usage and power saving.

Bydefault, this mode uses the<b>Powersave</b> governor - keeps the CPU frequency always at the minimum, it is theleast power-hungry and the least responsive.

By default, this modesuses the<b>SIO or CFQ</b> I/O scheduler.
game_mode_desc <b>Game/Video Mode</b>: Useful mode for playing games and watching video -enjoy smooth operation and a smooth video experience.

By default,uses the<b>Performance</b> governor - sets the min. frequency as max. frequency, this mode is themost power-hungry, but is also the most responsive. If your kernelsupport overclocking you can set a higher frequency.

By default, thismode uses the<b>SIO, BFQ or CFQ</b> I/O scheduler.
daily_mode_desc <b>Daily Mode</b>: Useful for day-to-day operation, featuring responsive andreasonable power usage.

By default, this mode uses the<b>Ondemand</b> governor - under increasing system load, the CPU is immediately set tothe maximum frequency of the kernel. As system load decreases, the CPUfrequency slowly decreases to the minimum frequency of the kernel.

Bydefault, this mode uses the<b>SIO, CFQ or BFQ</b> I/O scheduler.
standby_mode_desc <b>Standby Mode</b>: Useful for maximum battery conservation.

By default,this mode uses the<b>Powersave</b> governor - keeps the CPU frequency always at the minimum, it is theleast power-hungry and the least responsive.

By default, this modesuses the<b>SIO or CFQ</b> I/O scheduler.
custom_mode_desc <b>Custom Mode</b>: You choose everything: the governor,the min and maxfrequencies, and the I/O scheduler. Do a Nandroid backup first. Have Fun!
mode_choose How do I select a battery protection mode?
1.Enter the optimization interface
2. Selectthe battery protectionmode
failure Failure
succes Success
canceled Cancelled
could_not_initialize_the_paypal Could not Initialize PayPal.
unable_to_connect_to_the_network Unable to connect to the Network
defense Defence
clean Clean
powersave_mode_payment Powersave Mode Payment
game_mode_payment Game/Video Mode Payment
daily_mode_payment Daily Mode Payment
standby_mode_payment Standby Mode Payment
custom_mode_payment Custom Mode Payment
payment_failure Payment Failure
payment_succes Payment Success
canceled_payment Cancelled Payment
bluetoothd Android Bluetooth Daemon
special_offers Special offers
special_offers_desc Do you want to buy all modes? Only %1$s Saving %2$s.
time_left Time Left:
special_offers_show Congratulations, you are an advanced user with allpower-saving modes.
upgrade_to_the_custom_user Do you want to buy one custom mode? Only %1$s
upgrade_to_the_powersaving_user Do you want to buy one powersave mode? Only %1$s
upgrade_to_the_video_game_user Do you want to buy one video/game mode? Only %1$s
upgrade_to_the_business_user Do you want to buy one daily mode? Only %1$s
upgrade_to_the_standby_user Do you want to buy one standby mode? Only %1$s
wifi_disconnect_for_power_saving WiFi disconnected for power saving
min Min
max Max
cpu_frequency CPU Frequency
cpu_governor CPU Governor
io_scheduler I/O Scheduler
initialization_error Initialization Error
proactive_defense_is_turned_on Proactive Defence is turned ON
power_saving_tips Power Saving Tips
no_sdcard_cannot_save_the_certificate No SDCard, cannot save the certificate
installed_power_consumption_apps Installed Power Consumption Apps
device_information Device Information
proactive_defense Proactive Defence
weibo #OPGPro is a battery protection app, anAMAZING app for the root user\'s toolbox. @onexuan
wakeup_apps Wakeup Process
audio_1 Uncheck these options: 1."Keytones" 2."Touchsounds"3."Screen lock sound"
now_experience Now Experience
boot_power_saving_protection Reboot Protection
when_restart_your_phone_automatic_power_saving_protection After reboot, autorunPower-saving Protection
why_do_you_need_one_power_guard_for_root_users Test OPG Pro for yourself?

1. Fullychargeyour battery before you go to bed. In the morning, check yourbatterystatus and note how much is remaining.
2. After installing OPG Pro, fully charge the battery before you go to bed.In themorning,check your battery status, you will be impressed by the powersavings!
3. To compare theoptimization results, you need to restartthe phone sothat you have a cleanenvironment.
disable_wifi_title Disable WiFi when Not in Use
disable_wifi_desc Disabling the Wireless LAN (WiFi) when not in usewill reduce power consumption considerably:
1. Open theApplicationstab and tap Settings. Next tap Wireless Controls orWireless &amp;Networks.
2. Here you will find dedicated buttons todisable WiFi.
disable_gps_title Disable the GPS location services
disable_the_gps_desc 1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings. Thentap Location &amp; Security.On this screen, clear the Use GPSSatellites check box.
disable_bluetooth_title Disable Bluetooth when not in use
disable_bluetooth_desc Disabling Bluetooth when not in usewill reducePower Consumption Considerably:
set_timeout_title Set Screen Timeout
set_timeout_desc Set the time value before the screen goes blank.The lower the setting, the less battery power gets used:

1. OpentheApplications tab and tap Settings. Then tap Sound &amp;Display.
2. Tap Screen Timeout, and set it to a lower value, for example 15seconds.
disable_sync_title Disable Sync &amp; Mobile Data
disable_sync_desc 1. Open the Applications tab and tap Settings. Thentap Accounts &amp;sync.
2. Uncheck background data and auto-sync
wallpaper_title Do Not Use Live Wallpapers
wallpaper_desc One of the greatest features of Android is that itsupports livewallpapers. The look of live wallpapers is great to watchbut the disadvantage is that they consume lots of battery power due toits high resolution graphics. It is recommended that you usenormalwallpaper instead of live wallpaper.
wallpaper Wallpaper
a_desr 1A=1000mA=1000000μA
deep_sleep Deep Sleep
cpu_stats CPU Stats
unused_cpu_frequency Unused CPU Frequency
total_uptime Total Uptime
cpu_frequency_ratio CPU Frequency Ratio
wakeups Wakeups:
launches Launches:
using_all_the_CPU_frequency Using all the CPU frequency
story First of all, what are the common complaintswithAndroid smartphone devices? Issues such as: system halted; applicationcrashes; slow booting; and, battery life.
A year ago, I purchased myfirst Android phone and installed CM ROM. Within months, I became veryannoyed that my battery did not last the entire day. I could go tobed, with a full batterycharge, and awake in the morning to find thatthe battery charge haddropped significantly overnight. I found thissituation to beunacceptable! To solve this, I downloaded power-savingapplications.Every day I would install a different power savingapplication, chargethe battery to full power before bed, and thencheck the battery inthe morning. After a month of testing power savingapplications, Idid not find a satisfactory solution and some of theso-called powersaving apps even made the battery drain faster. So, Ithought I wouldcreate an app for myself, that could tweak systemparameters and helpsave my battery. Nine months ago, I started writinga power tweakingapplication for myself. I studied the intricacies of theAndroid powermanagement mechanism and within a few months I had thebasis for anapplication that could optimize my power management.Every day Itweaked the power optimization parameters and tested eachnight. Onemorning, I awoke and was thrilled to discover that thebattery chargehad only decreased by a small amount. So, I turned mypersonal powersaving tweaker into a user-friendly power savingapplication thatanyone could use. I am sharing my application, OPG Pro withyou.
If you would like to try OPG Pro,Download

To save power, OPG Pro do someoptimization:
1. Extends stand-by time and battery life; optimizescharging parameters
2. Optimizes system kernel and CPU usage to improve device performance
3. Six (6) customized power-saving modes to suit different scenarios
4. Proactively guards from power-killer apps and safely shuts downuseless power-consuming programs
5. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization
6. Intelligently switches to/from WiFi/Cell data to preserve batterylife
7. Professional Tips on power optimization

Why do you need OPG Pro? and Test OPG Pro for yourself.
1. Fullychargeyourbattery before you go to bed. In the morning, check yourbatterystatusand note how much is remaining.2. After installing OPG Pro,fully charge the battery before you go to bed.In themorning,check yourbattery status, you will be impressed by the powersavings!
3. Tocompare theoptimization results, you need to restart the phone sothatyou have a cleanenvironment.
standby_problems Battery Standby Problems?
contact_us Please contact PayPal or send an email
warn Warning
warn_info These tweaks will optimize your kernel, CPU,network, SD card read write, memory, and restart your phone.Everything will be restored to original, please confirm whetheryouwant to optimize?
remind_warn Do not remind me
this_optimization_will_run_the_AI_mode This optimization will run the AI mode.
support_app If you like this application, please support ouroptimization work, you will not be prompted again andyou can use alloptimization features.
questions_in_use If you have any issues with usage, please visit&lt;ahref=\";\"&gt;;\\a&gt;,welcome to give praise.
try_it Try It
no_support_to_adjust_the_cpu_frequency No support to adjust the CPU frequency
no_support_to_adjust_the_cpu_policy No support to adjust the CPU policy
no_support_to_adjust_the_io_scheduler No support to adjust the I/O scheduler
real_time_protection Real-time protection
your_phone_does_not_support_this_setting Your phone does not support this setting
what_is_a_safe_clean What is a safe clean?
safe_clean_info Android has a app process management mechanisms,when a process is killed by third-party applications, the Androidsystemwill determine whether the process will be run again, if it is,the processwill run, the kill process will repeat thereby creating aninfinite loop,resulting in increased power consumption. Therefore, youshould consideruninstalling third-party process management software.
in_such_cases In such cases, please upgrade to the latest versionfrom the official website.
unable_to_open_sharing Unable to open sharing
how_to_restore_the_original How to restore the phone\'s original parameters?
restore_info All modes optimize your kernel, CPU,network, SDcard read write, memory, if you do not want to use this app, justuninstall this app or uncheck boot protection in settings interface,and then restart your phone,everything will be restored tooriginal.
why_does_it_run_in_the_background Why does it run in the background?
background_info We have a \"safe clean\" technology, primarily inorder to protect your battery. Needs to run in the background,toperiodically safe clean.
reviews Reviews
others Others
one_percent_hack One Percent Hack
ten_percent_info Use workaround for devices that show only multiplesof 10%
poweroff Poweroff
poweroff_tips Poweroff Tips
auto_poweroff_device_info Auto shutdown at certain battery level
user_reviews_from_google_play Update Or Reviews From Google Play
google_play Google Play
official_website Official Website
update_from_official_website Update From Official Website
install_tips Make sure you have root access, and that OPG Pro can accessroot. If asked by Superuser, make sure the Remembercheckbox is checkedand press Allow.
please go to<a href=""></a> report your issue and update to the latest version.

Do not killOPG Pro with a task manager.
xda_forum_discuss XDA Forum Discussion
discussion_and_feedback Discussion and Feedback
continuestr Continue
checking_cpu Checking your system whether to automaticallyadjust CPU...
automatic_adjustment Your phone has the ability to automatically adjustthe CPU frequencies, you do not need to change the CPU frequencies.
notification_style Notification Style
show_battery_notification_style Show Battery Notification Style
defaultstr Default Tweak
white White
green Green
orange Orange
give_up Give Up
onepercentinfo If your device only shows the battery level in 10% increments bydefault (<b>mostMotorola phones work this way</b> ), then you should turn on the \"One Percent Hack\" in\"OtherSettings\" to enable one-percent increments. Some Motorola phonesdo not support
your_phone_does_not_support Your phone does not support
why_drain Why is my battery discharging while connected to mycomputer?
drain_power_info USB charging will wake your device, update yourAndroid USB driver to solve this problem, or USB device aging.
unconfigured Unsaved
configured Save
only_supports_root_user Only supports Rooted Devices
optimize_vm Optimize VM(Virtual Machine)
optimize_deep_sleep Optimize Deep Sleep
optimize_network Optimize Network(TCP\\IPV4\\WR Memory)
optimize_wireless Optimize Wireless(WiFi\\UMTS\\GPRS\\EDGE)
optimize_ril Optimize RIL
optimize_sdcard Optimize SDCard(Read\\Write)
optimize_kernel Optimize Kernel
saved_successfully Saved Successfully
special_thanks Special thanks to Luis Diaz\'s (Herone) Spanishtranslation Dave\'s (DaGunn) and Abdullah\'s (ThePureHeart) help with English Georg Aubele\'s(Der-Knuffi) German translation and Çağdaş Tatar\s (echelonx) Turkish Translation they are from theXDA forum, thanksagain for your hard work.
thanks Thanks
free_up_memory Free Up Memory
return_to_the_desktop_free_up_memory Return to the Desktop, Free Up Memory
time_in_state_file_missing /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_statemissing, Maybe be able to solve this issue by rebooting
show_fahrenheit_temperature Show Fahrenheit Temperature
set_on_boot Set On Boot
memory Memory
poweroff_settings Poweroff Settings
poweroff_log Poweroff Log
why_the_device_is_slow_after_setting Why is my device slow after setting a mode?
my_story I want to talk about this story. One night, a usercontacted me about an issue that came up after installing the 2.1version of OPG Pro. He said his device lagged in Standby mode.I told him that we can work together to solve his problem. After work,I went back to my dorm. I started to write a test interface for himand 1.5 hours later, we started testing. He began to test my ten-stepinterface - each step ran well. But the issue was not resolved. Iasked him to select AI mode - his device lagged. What we found is thathis device did not support changing CPU frequencies. So my judgmentwas that this was an I/O scheduler issue, it was set to "CFQ". I askedhim to try changing his I/O scheduler. (His Rom Only support CFQ andNoop). He changed to "Noop" and the lag went away - issue resolved!

Final conclusion: Tweak the settings until your device performs toyour satisfaction.
sort_by_total_power_consumption Sort by Total Power Consumption
sort_by_power_comparison_value Sort by Power Comparison Value
sort Sort
one_xuan It\'s one and only kernel-level power-saving app.
proactive_defense_tips Proactive Defence Tips
turn_off_proactive_defense_tips Turn off Proactive Defence Tips
unable_to_open_the_mobile_data_interface Unable to open the mobile data interface, It is not available
unable_to_open_the_interface Unable to open the interface, It is not available
the_amount_of_free_ram The amount of free RAM
blue Blue
hello_kitty Hello Kitty
add Add
edit Edit
auto_shutdown Auto Shutdown
no_poweroff_information No Auto Poweroff Information
shutdown Shutdown
make_sure_to_shutdown_your_phone Make sure to shutdown your phone for backup your battery life!
circlegreen Circle Green
without_battery_percentage Without battery percentage
wake_lock_permissions Wake Permissions
your_own_risk Please do not whine that it did not work or I messed your phone up. You are doing this at your own risk!
shutdown_command This feature need your phone to support the shutdown command, some ROM does not support.

Step 1. Test the following commands through the shell commands;
Step 2. Select a valid command;
Step 3. Save and turn on configuration;
sync_reboot sync;reboot -p
sync_poweroff sync;poweroff -f
sync_shutdown sync;shutdown
do_not_charge Do not charge when the PC at the standby.
bluetooth_switch_permission No permission to switch Bluetooth, turn on/off it through the system settings
switch_bluetooth_error Switch Bluetooth error, turn on/off it through the system.
wifi_switch_permission No permission to switch WiFI, turn on/off it through the system settings
switch_wifi_error Switch WiFI error, turn on/off it through the system.
charge (Charge)
uncharge (Un-Charge)
upgrade Upgrade
google_apps_access_your_location Google apps access your location
turn_off_google_apps_access_your_location Turn off Google apps access your location
google_admob_ads Google AdMob Ads
turn_off_google_admob_ads Turn off Google AdMob Ads
installd Android Installer Daemon
wifi_error WiFi Error
wifi_error_info If your WiFi shows error, please turn off your powersave mode of your Anroid system, such as the powersave mode of Samsung
lock_screen Lock Screen
lock_screen_info OPG Pro requests the permission of the lock screen
no_lock No Lock
the_system_can_uninstall_this_app The Android system can uninstall this application after unlocked screen.
succeed Succeed
no_permissions No Permissions
list_mode List Mode
more_than_apps There are more than super manager apps, you can only leave one, Otherwise it is unable to run this app.
press_color_to_apply Press on Color to apply
notification_background Notification Background
black Black
clean_apps Clean Apps
thirdparty_applications Third Party Apps
system_application System App
show Show
hide Hide
clean_info Do you want to clean battery statistics and wakeup statistics?
cores Cores
cpu_architecture CPU Architecture
revision Revision
clock_speed Clock Speed
core_mhz Core %s
stoped stoped
processor Processor
model Model
manufacture Manufacture
board Board
display Display
android_version Android Version
kernel_version Kernel Version
total_ram Total RAM
available_ram Available RAM
screen_resolution Screen Resolution
scan Scan
charged Charged
unplugged Unplugged
network Network
cpu_states CPU States
kernel_wakelock Kernel Wakelocks
partial_wakelock Partial Wakelocks
alarms Alarms
process Process
full_wakelock Full Wakelocks
window_wakelock Window Wakelocks
service Service
starts Starts
doctor Battery Doctor
wakelocks Wakelocks
wifi_running WiFi Running:
wifi_full_lock WiFi Full Lock
wifi_scan_lock WiFi Scan Lock
wifi_multicast WiFi Multicast
signal_strength Signal Strength
phone_state Phone State
in In
out Out
emergency Emergency
data_conn Data Conn:
phone_scanning Phone Scanning
phone_in_call Phone In Call
screen Screen
radio_types Radio types:
signal_scanning_time Signal Scanning Time:
total_received Total Received:
total_sent Total Sent:
active_phone_call Active Phone Call:
total_run_time Total Run Time:
time_on_battery Time On Battery:
realtime Realtime
uptime Uptime
screen_brightnesses Screen brightnesses:
plugged Plugged
none None
times Times
kernel Kernel
user User
sort_by_time Sort By Time
sort_by_times Sort By Times
sensor Sensor
share_info I am using #OPGPro to analyze Android Battery, very professional, kernel-level saver, check it out.
your_kernel_version_is_different Your kernel version is different, please clear the data of this app on the system applictions manager and then reset again.
wireless_sleep Wireless sleep mode(3G/WiFi)
handling Processing method
screen_unlock Turn off wireless when screen locked and use the following method when screen unlocked.
turn_on_wireless Automatically turn on wireless when screen unlocked
signal_protection Signal Protection
it_can_enhance_the_signal_stability It can enhance the signal stability.
please_wait Your system has not completed the initial, please wait.
you_are_not_an_advanced_user You are not an advanced user, please upgrade to advanced user.
advanced_user Advanced User
blacklist Blacklist
you_have_paid You have paid.
backup Backup
backup_your_path Please back up your key directory.
network_error Can not connect to the network, if you are using WiFi, please select your WiFi in WiFi settings, longpress and select "Modify Network", check "Show Advanced Options" to change the "static" IP, and then change DNS1 to Google\'s DNS (, browsing the web faster.
only_show_a_notification Only show a notification in the status bar and does not turn on wireless.
number_of_payments Number of payments
wifi_supplicant_scan_interval WiFi Supplicant Scan Interval
wifi_supplicant_scan_interval_info This feature is a two-edged sword, it can help the system to save more battery, but maybe cause restart or unable to connect WIFI in a few ROM. if your ROM is stable and know what is "wifi.supplicant_scan_interval", you can turn on it.
scan_interval Scan Interval
note_interval_default Note: Android wifi.supplicant_scan_interval default value is 15s
transparent_background Transparent Background
statistics_since_last_charge Statistics since last charge
statistics_since_last_unplugged Statistics since last unplugged
entropy Entropy
you_can_download_a_free_version You can download a free version from &lt;a href=\'\'&gt;;/a&gt;
light Light
moderate Moderate
aggressive Aggressive
retrieve_battery_statistics Enables OPG Pro To Retrieve Battery Statistics, From: <a href=""></a>
xposed_fix_info For those that are rooted, you can regain this functionality via an Xposed module:&lt;br&gt; &lt;a href=\'\'&gt;;/a&gt;
xda_report_it XDA reported
restore Restore
buy_one_and_get_one_free Buy one and get one free
activity Activity
world_ranking World Ranking
select_a_way Step 1: Select a way
select_a_default_mode Step 2: Select a default mode
select_a_switch_mode Step 3: Select a switch mode
definite_time Definite Time
start Start
end End
this_mode_has_not_been_paid This mode has not been paid
the_world_first_power_saving_engine The world\'s first kernel power saving engine
cloud Cloud
cloud_battery_stats Cloud Battery Stats
cloud_defence Cloud Defence
cloud_forecast %s Average power consumption
this_is_an_unofficial_version This is an Unofficial version, Please download the official version.
switch_to Switch To
rate Rate
rate_opgpro Rate OPG Pro
interval Interval
i_am_here I am here!
whitelist WhiteList
immersive_mode Immersive Mode
please_allow_window_to_access Please allow the floating window to access
clean_after_lock_screen Clean up after locked screen
this_version_is_toow_old This version is too old, it is invalid now
developer Developer:
qq_group QQ Group:
weibostr Weibo:
twitter Twitter:
xposed_fix_info_lollipop For those that are rooted, you can regain this functionality via an Xposed module:&lt;br&gt; &lt;a href=\'\'&gt;;/a&gt;
please_support_genuine_software Please support genuine paid software!
install_xposed_app Install xposed app
flash_xposed_zip Flash the xposed zip by recovery
enable_enablebatterystatss_module Enable OPG Pro module
install_framework Install Framework
select_one_of_the_methods Select one of the methods
install_as_system_app Install as system app
install_as_system_app_info From Android 4.4, Google removed the permission for normal apps to access battery stats.

It is recommended to install OPG Pro as a system app (/system/priv-app/).

Uninstalling/reinstalling it as a system app may be required if permissions change.
please_use_this_workaround If the in-app install fails please use this workaround
download_recovery_zip Download OPG Pro Recovery ZIP
enable_battery_stats Enable Battery Stats
use_root 1. Use Root
use_xposed 2. Use Xposed
please_reboot_your_device Please reboot your device!
event Event
cpu_running CPU Laufen
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