RRCA Celebrates 1 Millionth Tree Milestone

September 18, 2020

Martin Lang (RRCA Vice Chair), Bryan McGillis (RRCA Chair), and Richard Pilon (RRCA General Manager) plant RRCA's 1 millionth tree at Gray's Creek Conservation Area.

The Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) reached a major milestone in 2020: the planting of 1 million trees in the region since 1994 through public and private landowner partnerships.

On September 17, the RRCA staff and Board gathered to celebrate the achievement by planting the one millionth tree, a sugar maple, at the RRCA’s main office located in Gray’s Creek Conservation Area.  The 8-member Board consists of representatives from the City of Cornwall and Townships of South Glengarry, North Glengarry, South Stormont, and North Stormont.

“Planting one million trees is a great accomplishment and we at the Township of South Stormont are proud to be one of your municipal partners.  Together, we will continue to improve local forest cover,” stated RRCA Chairman and South Stormont Mayor, Bryan McGillis.  

The RRCA’s General Manager, Richard Pilon, applauded past and present staff for all their efforts and achievements.  “Through existing and new partnerships, I am proud to lead staff towards planting the next 1 million trees in the RRCA’s jurisdiction,” added Pilon.

Martin Lang, RRCA Vice-Chair, South Glengarry Councillor, and local farmer, recalled planting 6,000 trees at his family farm in the early 1990’s and spoke of the importance of both crop and forested land on his properties.  He noted “South Glengarry residents greatly benefit from the RRCA’s tree planting initiatives and grant programs.”

Many programs have contributed to the 1 million tree count over the years.  Today, most of the RRCA’s trees are planted under their full-service tree planting program, tree seedling sales, tree giveaways, and community tree planting events.

Landowners looking to plant over 500 trees may quality for significant cost savings under the RRCA’s full-service tree planting program thanks to funding received from Forests Ontario.  Those looking to plant trees next spring should contact the RRCA soon to arrange a free consultation.  Staff work with landowners to create a site planting plan, plant trees, and provide pre and post planting services, as required.  Those looking to plant less than 500 trees may be interested in the RRCA’s tree seedling sales.  Every year, the RRCA sells native tree seedlings such as maple, oak, black walnut, pine, spruce, etc. available for pickup in the spring.  Trees can be pre-ordered starting this fall.

The RRCA is on track to add another 50,000 trees to the local landscape in 2021 and that number continues to rise.  Contact the RRCA today to learn how you can help improve local forest cover!

For more information, contact (613) 938-3611 or info@rrca.on.ca.